There May Be More to Your Workers' Compensation Case

Posted by Allison Sullivan on Nov 12, 2019 1:17:30 PM

Recently, our very own Marti Bluestein and Allison Sullivan sat down to discuss Workers’ Compensation and some of the issues clients may face. In this short clip, they discuss available resources and options for clients whose cases may be bigger than just a Workers' Compensation claim

What if my case is bigger than just workers' compensation?


When you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury or illness as a result of your job and cannot return to work, you have to make a lot of decisions in a very brief amount of time. "What sort of medical care should I pursue? Will my family still be able to pay our bills? Are there any long-term effects that may never go away as a result of this injury?" 

When you sit down with one of Bluestein's dedicated Workers' Compensation Attorney's they will help you determine if your case is bigger than strictly Workers’ Compensation and make sure you have the right team to handle your case.

Bluestein Attorneys represents injured workers and their families across South Carolina. In addition to our experience in the area of Workers’ Compensation, we advocate for injured workers on matters involving changes in Workers’ Compensation laws and regulations.

While Workers’ Compensation laws apply to a vast majority of workplaces, many employees know little about how Workers’ Compensation works, why we have Workers’ Compensation laws, and what to do if they are injured or become ill on the job.

South Carolina has a workplace injury rate of 2.5 nonfatal injuries or illnesses per 100 workers. While this puts us below the national average, it still means there are many injured workers in South Carolina who may need legal representation to ensure a fair outcome for their Workers’ Compensation case.

We are dedicated to fighting for the rights of those who fall victim to on-the-job injury or illness, and the first step is giving you the information you need to make an informed decision about your Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

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